The simple answer is yes! The outdoor bean bag range sold by Bean Bags R Us, is weatherproof! However, to get the longest life from your bean bag, storing it away from direct sunlight is recommended.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will reduce the life of the colour of your bean bag. The darker the colour, the more susceptible it will be to prolonged direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Leaving your bean bag outdoors will also expose it to pollution and dirt and dust. As there are usually many chemicals in the air we breathe, you may be exposing the surface of your bean bag to carbon monoxide and other poisons found in the air.

Storing your bean bag in a dry place away from sunlight and preferably under cover will mean that your bean bag is still like new next summer!

Your white outdoor bean bags will get dirty when exposed to rain, especially in suburban areas where acid rain is present. Storing your bean bags when not in use will minimize the product’s exposure to acid rain.

Dark coloured bean bags, especially black, blue and red may fade more rapidly than lighter colours, so extra care should be taken when using these colours.

Our products are the highest quality available on the market today, anywhere in the world. The very thick 1680D Polyester is four times as thick as the standard 420D sold by most bean bag outlets. Therefore it has four times as much colour dye in it and will definitely outlast any other brands. Just remember, even the paint on a building or a motor car will fade eventually! Our bean bags are made of a soft material, not sheet metal!  The material is treated with UV Protection and is colourfast.